Here at we want to create a central community of Crafty Canadians, and have a place for them to display photos of things that they make, instructions and tips for other Crafty Canadians!

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If you are a fan of crafty and stylish accessories you can create some for your beloved kids! That will not take too much materials and everything you need to have is your imagination. Make your small or not kid look special and unique! You can find baby headband and other gorgeous hair accessories like bows, flowers and clips that can become the ideas for your creative work!

Summertime suggest a lot of bright ideas for creativity, so you may think of unique handmade accessories to match your fresh summer look: a lightweight dress and comfortable yet stylish Josef Seibel shoes. Even the smallest detail matters, so consider your summer style carefully, make experiments and share them with our community!

If you are dealing with some problems with scars on your face or other part of body many cosmetologists advice to use different homemade masks with cosmetic clay, cucumber and fresh lemon juice.

You can also find some custom details and instruments for the most special projects. For example, professionals from handmade industry will really appreciate the variety of spring rings which you can find on special dealers` websites.

Do you know that a talented tattoo shop artist can fully change your existing tattoo,making a cover-up over it with new lines and images? It can be a nice way to modify the one you have, though such a remodeling requires much effort and expertise from the tattoo artist.

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